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    As a youngster, Dattu would often spend his time staring at strangers.  This didn't sit well with his mother, who found the behavior rude, so he'd also spend a lot of his time being punished.  


    Years flew by, Dattu, now a teenager found himself still unable to tear his eyes away from strangers.  Desperation set in.  Torn between the activity he loved and the motherly approval he longed to have, Dattu didn't know what to do.  Fate finally intervened.  


    One sunny day he was asked to take a family photograph.  As he peered through the lens of the camera, an epiphany struck:  PHOTOGRAPHY.  Yes! He had finally found a socially acceptable way to channel his insatiable curiosity for people.  And if that wasn't enough, he later found he could make a career out of it.  The only thing that puzzles him is why the hell he didn't think of it earlier.


    He has since won many awards as a photographer and director, which are listed below, his clients are certainly happy with his career choice.  As for his mother, well, she's just happy he's no longer staring at strangers.  At least, not in front of her.  


    Nowadays, Dattu not only stares at people, but he is also intrigued by all the stories they have. He feels that you need to have your own stories to be able to tell the stories of others.  And in the pursuit of better stories, he went to York University and earned a degree in Psychology, minoring in Theology.  He then went on to Ryerson University and earned a degree in Photography.  He is now also an instructor to students at Humber College teaching photography and is also pursuing his MFA at OCAD University focusing on Relational Art with a view to the Inclusive Methodology of Intersectionality or, in English, the stories of others.


    And, wouldn't you know, he's turned out to be a pretty darn good photographer and storyteller.  At least, according to his mother.  If you have a story that needs telling, just call up Dattu.


    Awards: 2017- Top 200 Photographers - OneEyeland 2016 - Winner in Multiple Categories - BW Spider Awards 2015 - American Photography Annual - Winner 2014 - American Photography Annual - Winner 2012 - American Photography - Annual - Winner 2011 - American Photography- Merit 2010 - PDN Photography Annual 2010 - Communication Arts - Photography Annual 2010 - Applied Arts - Photography Annual 2009 - Applied Arts - Advertising Annual 2009 - Communication Arts: Photography Annual 2009 - Applied Arts: Photography Annual 2008- Alt Awards - Gold 2008 - PDN Photo Annual 2008 - Communication Arts Annual 2007 - PDN - Digital Awards - First Prize - Advertising 2007 - CanadaCannes National Advertising Awards 2007 - Applied Arts - Photography Annual 2006 - London International Awards 2006 - Graphis Magazine - Photography Annual 2005 - Applied Arts Public Service/Charity Advertising 2005 New York Festivals - International Advertising Award 2005 Marketing Magazine - Multiple Awards Gold, Silver, Bronze 2000 London International Awards